Working as a graphic designer, agency production manager & senior art director, I have learned a few basics about what people want in a client/designer relationship. Simply put — be reliable and honest, do what you say you'll do, do it on time & respect the client's budget. I am lucky to have a long list of clients who appreciate my design skills and with whom I have enjoyed lasting, professional relationships.

Personally, if I'm not designing for a client or reading design blogs, I'm in the kitchen whipping up something tasty, messing around with a photo app on my iPod, or I'm out with my guys — a.k.a., husband Graham & teenage son Jack. Being the parent of a teenager has it's challenges, but I feel lucky every day that I have a really cool kid. He lives by his passions (right now Xbox & snowboarding). I'm not so big on the whole XBox thing, but I'm hoping he'll grow out of it. Snowboarding is something else. He gets out there every weekend & gives it all he's got. He creates balance in his life and that's the best I can ask for.

Keeping a balance for myself in my professional relationships and my personal life is what I strive for, too. And, I give it all I've got. Everyday. Pretty simple.